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When a man is honest, all you can do is respect that ish!!!

           There is nothing more than an HONEST man!!! Fabolous recently did an interview with The Combat Jack Show, and dished all his feelings regarding the big M word. Marriage that is!!! And as we expected, he does not seem as if he is down for the ride to the alter. With that being said, I have one serious question. What is Emily waiting around for? Yes, we know Emily loves her some FAB. But the truth is…no matter how much of a good woman you are, if a man is not ready he will not commit. So, should a woman just stick around and hope that her man will eventually change his mind? Check out the interview below and give us your thoughts! Should Emily ride it out to see if her dream of marrying Fab will come true or should she keep it moving? LET US KNOW!!!

By: BrittanyNicole