Has Hurricane Sandy Discouraged Early Voting!?

   Yes, hurricane Sandy seems to be the only thing on a lot of people's mind. And though it is crucial that we pay attention to the severity of the storm, I still think it's important to speak on how we should not allow the storm to discourage us from early voting. If in fact, you or someone you know are still able to vote within your community, I recommend voting that you do so. Four years in office was definitely worth fours hours of standing in line yesterday. We have a voice!!! It is essential that we USE IT ;-). Additionally, we are all aware of the impact the Hip-Hop community has on politics. With that being said, if you have yet to see Sway's interview with President Obama, check it out below. For now I will leave you with the pic below in my best Jay-Z voice!!! 

By: BrittanyNicole

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