Experience a Day In 50 Cent's Life In 'Music Is My Sport' [VIDEO]

Throughout the years, 50 Cent has worked hard to reinvent himself as not only an artist, but an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and now boxing promoter.

In a special with Vevo titled Music Is My Sport, the cameras followed the G-Unit leader as he went about his day to the studio, the gym, and doing media work for his boxing promotion TMT.

"Music is just the beginning for me, it gave me a taste of success, he says. "Number one singles, number one albums. I never get tired of what I'm doing because I'm passionate about it, I love what I'm doing. I wake up excited."

As for his next album, tells his fans what to look forward to in his next project due to be in stores later this year.

"My fifth album Street King Immortal is me reintroducing myself to my audience. New music, new perspective, new ideas. I can't wait for them to hear it."

Catch a glimpse in life life below: