Watch 'The Tanning Of America' Hip Hop Documentary Series, View First Installment Inside [VIDEO]

Steve Stoute's 4 part documentary debuted last night on VH1. We have all watched Hip Hop documetaries that expound on the birth of Hip Hop but Stoute's book-turned-documentary had a unusual twist. Along with commentary with legendary Hip Hop artist, Steve Stoute shows how Hip Hop impacted everyone, not just "The Ghetto".

The first installment highlights 70's mid to 80's with blaxploitation movies, Video Music Box, The first hip hop song to broadcast on MTV, Ruck Rubin and Russell Simmons start with Def Jam label and more. There was so much a Hip Hop head could take from this!

'The Tanning Of America' second installment will air tonight, 11 p.m.

View The Tanning Of America First Installment