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Ok Tat Wza Here Checking in with the Hot 97 Fans, We def have fun every night 7p-12a Mon-Thur, Flex, Myself and the IFWT Fam, But I want to get serious with you for a second. I am the Tech Guy(You know this If you read IFWT), and we have a serious issue in Technology to deal with, the iPhone 5!! Next week Apple will hold their Annual WWDC for 2012, and the web is on fire about the iPhone 5(which everyone expected to drop last year this time, but the 4S came out instead, in Oct), And the features it will have. Now I'm not gonna touch on All the features, But I ran across a Video (which You can se below) that shows what could be the NEW back panel for the iPhone 5, it does show the size is slightly larger, But not wider like you might have thought, But longer, which could def be a better look than wider, although the Samsung Galaxy note did very well as a wider device. But that is not the issue I want to put you on to, The NEW plate shows a whole NEW charging Plug, and that is a concern of mine! I have a number of Apple iOS devices from over the years(mostly diff iPods), and all of them have the same charging method, So I am set up from Home to Car to work with multiples of  the same charger, But I am Going to get the 5, and now I am concerned with all that it does the battery will have a constint drain on it, and i won't be set up with ways to charge it, the way I am now. Does that mean I will have to but NEW chargers for car and work, or carry the 1 charger EVERYWHERE, endangering it from getting lost or stolen :-(

Ok That was My Issue, Let Me know IF you have the same concern at

For Now Here is the Article on the web I found that goes with the Video, Then watch the Video so you can see What I'm talking about.

Is This the iPhone 5?

"A new video is circulating that claims to have uncovered a piece of the iPhone 5. It looks legitimate and matches the rumors of a slightly larger body and screen size. But is this the real deal? AppleInsider thinks it might just be, noting that the supposed iPhone 5 part that's shown in the video matches the aluminum backplate that surfaced last month.

The YouTube clip comes from ETrade Supply , a wireless parts company.

During the video, the demonstrator is unable to confirm if the part is real, but says that it "really looks like an iPhone component," adding that it has the official Apple and iPhone logos while showing their placement on the backplate. "Maybe it is a new iPhone 5 component. I don't know. It has so many different designs; the bottom, the side case, the [upper] part…"

When doing a side-by-side comparison to the iPhone 4S, it is clear that (if this component is real) the iPhone 5 will be a longer but thinner device."