Funkmaster Flex


Tat Wza Here, I am Very Excited to Announce this, I got the word straight from Viddy, AOL has Produced a New game which directly uses the Viddy API to mesh Video and a Drawsomething like game, And Can I say, It’s Pretty Dope!!! Hit the Jump!Ok, It hasn’t Officially hit iTunes as yet, But Expected to shortly and I hope to get on the Phone with Viddy and AOL tonight!! I have a Great Relationship with Viddy, So if they ask to help announce a New Dope game that AOL Produced, I’m More than All in!!!Ok I mentioned it’s like Drawsomething(Whom I also have a Great relationship with), Now it’s not that you Draw anything, But You pick a word, Describe it through Video, the person you are playing with see’s you describe it as Video is being recordedof them guessing the word, then the person whom originally sent the word see’s themselves, and the person guessing the word in a split screen, and the word being guessed pops up! I have to say Extremely Dope!!! Ok Watch the Video explanation Straight from AOL it’s self!!!


Now Here is My Exclusive Interview: