LG Announces Jellybean Lineup

LG issued a press release today about their LG Jelly Bean lineup. Explaining  What devices will be getting the Jelly Bean treatment this fall.  According the press release the The LG Optimus and the Nexus powered Optimus G will getting the update.  Starting next month, LG Electronics Optimus LTE II ‘start’ ‘Optimus in December of G’, next year 1Q Optimus Vu: II ‘,’ ‘Optimus Vu:’ the domestic market, such as products for the latest Android OS jelly empty the upgrade is carried out sequentially. Thorough follow-up as part of the management of LG Electronics, the first upgrade begins ‘own the LG Optimus LTE II’ in practical UX, ‘Q Slide’, ‘notes’ enhanced Q comes with. Slide ” Q ‘Optimus’ feature was first introduced two entirely different from one display screen to simultaneously view. This will be a major update for the andriod community. What new features are you looking foward to.