Is Matthew Knowles Creating Another Destiny's Child???

We all know him as the father of diva Beyonce Knowles-Carter and the former manager of Destiny’s Child. Since Destiny’s Child disbanded, Matthew has had a lot of free time and apparently he's still been working hard... with another group of young ladies. Knowles is an executive producer amd creator of a reality show that debuted internationally last fall. The MTV UK reality series, “Breaking From Above” just premiered in the U.S. on Monday. The show follows the music executive’s new group named From Above. Knowles, is both the creator and executive producer, of the show. He hopes airing it in the U.S. will bring more exposure to the new group. It's gonna hard to top the careers of Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle, collectively and individually. We don't doubt Knowles' ear for talent though. You can check out the show daily through June 29 at 8:30 PM/ET on TeenNick.