Funkmaster Flex


While Chief Keef was recently arrested for doing 110 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, the rapper was searched by the police to see if he had anything illegal on him. According to TMZ, the police saw a "large roll" in Chief Keef's pants. When they checked to see what it could be, they pulled out a roll of exactly $8,000 dollars CASH.

Luckily for Keef, the cops informed him that his money would be left in his pants pocket, right where he left it. He told the police he was a rapper and that he just left from doing a show. Unfortunately, the police must have not been a fan. I wonder if they even asked for an autograph? Keef is due back in court on June 17th, and he must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, being that he is still underaged! OUCH!

That rapper money must be nice though, huh?

Source: TMZ