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After making a deal with Time Warner Cable, Diddy's Revolt cable channel is almost all set to go. Hip-Hop mogul P. Diddy wants to bring music videos, news interviews, performances, and more to his new potential channel.

Diddy says, "My mission is to bring kids back to television" as apposed to channels such as MTV which used to be strictly music. P. Diddy is blaming reality TV for taking over these once "music channels." He wants to create an outlet where young people of ages 18 to 34 can enjoy the art of music without the unnecessary baggage.

"If I was in that position, I probably would have bit at that apple too, to be more than just a music channel and be more of a youth culture network. But sometimes it's better to do one thing great. The most powerful thing that brings us together is music," says Diddy.

However, Diddy doesn't plan to make his network a straight Hip-Hop channel. He says it will be a predominately "urban-based channel" but it will not discriminate.

Diddy will be working side-by-side with to launch this idea, admitting that it has been "the hardest and most stressful thing I've ever done in my life."

The channel is projected to cost a large amount of money, but Diddy will be receiving a little bit of help (although he will be handling majority of the costs by himself.)

Stay tuned for more info on Diddy's new Revolt cable channel!

Source: USAToday

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