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Yesterday (9/29) on the West Side Highway, a group of bikers were riding when one stopped short and slammed on the breaks, causing a man named Alexian Lien driving his Range Rover to almost crash. The man in the SUV was so angered that he ended up running over a few of the bikers in the group by speeding through the crowd. Well, the motorcyclists caught up with Lien and cracked his windows, dragged him out of the car, and beat him BADLY in front of his young child and wife. They apparently punched him repeatedly and sliced his face up with a knife.

However, today on The Funk Flex Show, one of the bikers who was there at the scene called up to tell their side of the story. He also shared a photo of one of the bikers who was ran over by the SUV in the hospital. The whole incident was captured due to one of the biker's helmet cam.

Check out the footage below, along with the flick of the injured motorcyclist and the audio from Flex's show of the biker calling in to explain their side of the story.

enter image description here

Do you think both parties were in the wrong? Who was the real victim in this situation?

Source: IFWT

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