Nicki Minaj Talks About Her Favorite Thanksgiving Food & Shares Holiday Stories

The Queen of the Barbz chopped it up with TheBoomBox and shares memories of her past Thanksgiving adventures and what food she enjoys to eat during the holiday.

What she did for Thanksgiving in 2011:

We had absolutely no Thanksgiving and we were just looking around like, ‘Wow guys, damn. The world’s enjoying Thanksgiving dinner and we’re just sitting here thinking about where we’re gonna order food from.’ We were so busy that we forgot it was about to be Thanksgiving and when Thanksgiving actually happened we were assed out.

Nicki on her favorite Thanksgiving food:

It depends on if it’s an American Thanksgiving, then I’d love some collard greens, some mac and cheese, stuffing and turkey. But if it’s a Trini[dadian] Thanksgiving, then I want the same thing I always want, which is curry chicken, roti, oxtails. The same old thing that we always eat.