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So word on the street is that Houston rapper Riff Raff is broke AF and begging for beats out here looking all types of crazy. After Ebro and Riff Raff exchanged some pretty unpleasant words in the Summer, a producer reached out to us recently with some inside "supposed" knowledge.

He claims that Riff Raff called him to get some last-minute studio time in. After he told the rapper it was a go, the two negotiated and agreed on a set price.

Although the producer was going to be out of town, he canceled his plans and looked Riff out by getting him into the studio with such short notice.

After the studio sesh was done, the H-town rapper begged the producer to cut the price in half for him. He agreed on it, stating that he didn't mind doing the rapper a favor. When Riff reached into his wallet to pay for the session, he had NO money what so ever. Keep in mind, the discounted price came out to a total of $30.

The producer said he didn't stress it because Riff Raff claimed he would send the money the next day via PayPal with no problem, so it was all good.

The next day rolled around and the producer still did not receive any payments from the struggle rapper so he sent him a text saying not to worry about it. The producer said he felt embarrassed for Riff Raff and didn't care about the money, but more so the principle that he was begging for studio time KNOWING he couldn't afford to foot the (super small) bill.

Looks like Ebro was right for ripping him apart out here. The producer also wanted Ebro to get the message that Riff Raff is a straight cornball and that he needs to "keep it 100 and get his sh*t together" before trying to make it in this industry.

WELL LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, there you have it. Brutal.

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