FloydMayweather Breaks Down “The Money Team”

Via Ryan Burton at BoxingScene: WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (43-0, 26KOs) recently explained the concept and the philosophy of “The Money Team” – which is what Mayweather calls his group of close friends and associates. “The Money Team is worldwide. You can go to Australia and see The Money Team. You can go to London, which is one my biggest fanbases. One of my goals is to go to the UK and fight. The Money Team just don’t consist of cash money….just having a ton of money. It’s more like we’re a family. There is enough money to go around. It’s no different than if you come to Las Vegas [and] you can’t get a room in Las Vegas, but me and my people got the connections to get you what you want. All we feel is this, we don’t want no money from you, but we only want you to just return the favor when we’re in your neighborhood. That’s how we work. That’s how The Money Team works,” Mayweather explained. The Money Team and/or Mayweather Promotions, also refers to Floyd’s growing stable of fighters in his promotional company. Mayweather explained the biggest difference between his company and some of the other promotional outfits. “These are the things that go on in boxing that people don’t know about. That’s why they bash me and talk bad about me because I talk about what really goes on in the sport. If you’re telling somebody that they’re going to make a certain amount of money [for a fight], that’s why you should do. A fighter fights. He gets halfway home, and I’m talking about Ishe Smith. He’s got a beautiful family. He gets home and opens up the envelope and looks and the check is only a couple thousand dollars. And that’s not right, that’s just not right. And what I was able to do and I can’t say what anybody else was able to do, because K9′s wife is his manager – but my fighter, the challenger, made more than the champion tonight. That has to do with your team. I’m going to the end for someone who’s with me and works for me,” Mayweather said. Mayweather will make his Showtime debut, on pay-per-view, on May 4th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, when he defends his title against Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero.