Samsung Invests In Which Company???

Samsung just invested 3% into Japanese tech company Sharp. As we all know Sharp is a major player when it comes to supplying Apple parts. Samsung invested about $110 million in the Japanese company for their LCD business. Whats interesting is Apple is a long time partner of company so its almost like Samsung is investing into Apple’s business, but at the same time Sharp has been a rival to Samsung when it comes to the TV market so this was definitely an interesting investment for Samsung. The Wall-street Journal says “For cash-rich Samsung, the move will ensure a stable supply of LCD screens for TV sets from Sharp. The Japanese company is the only LCD manufacturer that currently operates an advanced manufacturing facility—in a separate partnership with Hon Hai—capable of turning out TV panels from the industry’s largest sheets of glass. This allows Sharp to lower the manufacturing costs of TV screens larger than 60 inches. Samsung may also rely on Sharp to supply panels for tablets.” Do you think this is a wise move on Samsung behalf ???