Chris Brown Spotted At Rihanna’s Concert!

Turns out, their split wasn’t even a breakup at all. It was the typical argument where you go out and do your own thing for the night or a couple days because you’re annoyed, but eventually, you get over it. Word is Chris was supposed to join Rih at her Vancouver tour stop early last week but made a dumb excuse at the last minute. “She feels like he’s not serious enough at times and it frustrates the f*ck out of her,” a source said. “She blew up at him over the phone. They went back and forth and I guess he didn’t want to hear what she had to say, so he hung up.” The source also added that there’s a bit of a disconnect in the communication. “She tries to talk to him on a serious level, but he doesn’t hear her. Chris thinks Rihanna tries to tell him what to do, but she isn’t. It’s just love on her part and sometimes he doesn’t see it that way.” Oh, have I been there, done that! Unfortunately, the only thing that can really change that is time to mature. Do you think they really broke up?