50 Cent Speaks On Nas Being An Influential Part Of Hip-Hop [VIDEO]

Queens natives 50 Cent and Nas are no strangers to the rap game. When artists give each other credit for their work, it is a beautiful thing. 50 Cent discusses in a recent interview how he thinks Nas is a huge part of the evolution of Hip-Hop. Hit the jump to find out what 50 had to say!

In a recent interview 50 Cent did with SXSW, he discussed how rapper Nas had such a huge influence within Hip-Hop. He pointed out how Nas' song "I Gave You Power" off his 1996 album "It Was Written" set an example for other rappers to tell stories through their lyrics. In that particular Nas song, he raps by vividly telling a story as if he was in the body of a gun. 50 even says Nas is "one of the great storytellers within Hip Hop music culture."

Even 50 incorporated Nas' storytelling techniques in his song "The Baltimore Love Thing," saying how that is one of his favorite songs he has ever made. In that song, 50 Cent tells a story about a female drug addict and her addiction to heroine. Check out the video below to hear 50's full interview.