Women Claims Rapper "Tim Dog" Faked His Own Death

Bronx Rapper Timothy "Tim Dog" Blair apparently died this past Valentine's Day. According to a woman from Mississippi, she has a different story to tell. Check inside to hear the details of this bizarre story!

According to this female, she claims that Tim Dog owed $2 million dollars in scammed funds. In order to get out of paying his debts, he allegedly faked his death. A CBS news station hired an investigator to dig deeper into the case, and they came up with even stranger findings. There was no death certificate for Timothy Blair.

The women who has been making these claims against Blair also stated that he "conned her out of $32,000" in a business deal that went wrong." Blair's case was featured on Dateline NBC last summer, where they released the information that a Mississippi judge ordered Blair to pay back $19,000 in restitution in 2011. HMMMM.. who do you believe? Let us know your thoughts on this odd case!