Eminem's Publisher Files Lawsuit Against Which Social Network Website? [VIDEO]

Eminem's publisher seems to have found an issue with a popular social networking site. Slim Shady's song publisher filed a lawsuit in Detroit on Monday, stating that this website used Em's "Under the Influence" song in a 30 second advertisement they posted. Check inside to find out which major social networking site is getting sued by Eminem's camp!

Eight Mile Style, the company that is in charge of the rights to Eminem's music, filed a lawsuit against Facebook on Monday. Facebook's ad that supposedly contained Em's song was released on April 4th. The ad was for a new application called "Facebook Home," featuring Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Shady's clique is apparently looking for NO LESS than a $150,000 come up. Check out the videos below to compare and contrast the ad with Em's original song to see if they have a valid case!