Omarion Gets Hit With A Lawsuit By Two Fans Over Concert

Both Brunel Jordonne and Kenson Sainvilus reportedly attended an Omarion concert on September 21st at Ole Bar & Grill in Newburgh, New York. However, their night did not go as planned because as fights began to break out, they were unfortunately caught in the cross-fire. Omarion's camp was apparently promoting "tight security"for the concert, leaving fans to feel that they would be safe. After a few fights broke out during the concert, both Jordonne and Sainvilus wanted to stay in their VIP section because they did not want to get caught up in the mix. However, security made them leave their sections anyways. When they two men were outside trying to leave the vicinity, they apparently got brutally beat up by a "group of random strangers." The men just hit Omarion with a lawsuit, claiming it is his fault that they were injured at his concert due to false advertisement and lack of proper security.