Chief Keef Gets Arrested Yet Again In Illinois

Rapper Chief Keef was clearly feeling himself because he was caught in his 2011 BMW X6 M doing 110 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. Okay, speed racer. Take it easy now! Police officers released a statement saying that Chief Keef was pulled over at around 3:45 AM on Winnetka Road in Northfield, Illinois. He could have probably been hit with a speeding ticket and been on his way, BUT he only has his permit. Not only do permit laws enforce a curfew for permit drivers, but there is also a limit on how many passengers are allowed to be in the car. He apparently had three other passengers in his car with him, when permit laws only allow you to have one.

Keef was taken into custody and his BMW was released to one of his passengers who had their actual license. He is set to see the judge in court on June 17th. Let's hope Chief Keef can stay out of trouble (at least for the remainder of the week.)

Source: TMZ