Fabolous Explains How He And Pusha T Linked Up For The “Life Is So Exciting” Tour

On how he and Push linked up: Me and Pusha have always been cool even though we haven’t done many collaborations. Our first collaboration was on a project that they [The Clipse] did and then, one time I used him on my album, “From Nothing To Something.” We always remained cool. We’ve always been fans of each other’s music and we kept bumping into each other last summer and throughout 2012 like “Yo. We should do something together man bigger than just a record and take the show on the road.” I remember even Pharrell said that we should do a mixtape or something together. We talked about the tour and were able to put the tour together. It’s going well so far. On why he chose to shoot “Ready” in DR: Ummm. I mean, it’s a peaceful environment. For me, I wanted to connect it to the culture. Being that I’m half Dominican, I wanted to attach that culture someway without waving around the D.R. flag. I thought it was a way to capture that culture, some of the beauty of the island, some of the people and go someplace different shooting your video. People are doing the same story and background, whether it’s in LA or their neighborhood or whatever. For me, it was important to go someplace else with it and look different from the last time you’ve seen me. I saw the A$AP one and it was a different vibe. For the full interview, head here.