Jay-Z's Rocawear Clothing Line Being Sued For Almost $500,000

According to the New York Post, Rocawear supposedly owes iSource NYC, which is a wholesale company, approximately $500,000 for garments that were made in Pakistan and shipped to New York in 2012. According to the lawsuit, the items that were shipped to New York were "specially ordered goods with the 'Rocawear' brand name imprinted on them." The suit also states that the "defendant never returned the ROC goods to iSource," resulting in iSource asking the balance owed PLUS 9% interest, being that the bill was due last summer. Rocawear only paid for around half of the one million dollar shipment.

The Rocafella camp has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

Even though I don't think Jay would even care, being that he is a billionaire and all. (Just saying).