Lamar Odom Wants NO PARTS Of Kardashian Reality TV Shows

After the recent cheating scandal hit the news of Lamar's mistress speaking out, Odom apparently wants to lead a more "private life" out of the camera's constant eye.

According to a close family friend, “Lamar gets teased all of the time by his basketball buddies for appearing on the Kardashian reality shows. It’s a waste of his time, and does nothing to help his brand."

The source also added “If anything, it just exposes him to ridicule and scorn. Look at the scandal his charity was exposed to. It’s unlikely that the charity would have made news had it not been for Lamar being married to a Kardashian.”

However, L. Odom doesn't just want to remove himself from the reality TV life. According to the source, “He thinks it’s beneath [Khloe], and is tired of sharing his wife’s life with the public.”

Only time will tell....

Source: RO