Frank Ocean's Cousin Suing Chris Brown For Body Guard Beat Down

Breezy just CANNOT win when it comes to legal matters. Frank Ocean's cousin, Sha'Keir Duarte, is suing the entertainer because he claims Brown's bodyguard beat him up BADLY during the Frank Ocean Vs. Chris Brown fight.

Back in January, a big brawl went down between Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, and both their cliques over an alleged parking spot outside a recording studio in Los Angeles.

Chris Brown's bodyguard's real name has yet to be released, but word on the street is his nickname is "Hood" (Yikes.) Ocean's cousin is claiming that Hood "punched and kicked" him at least twelve times in both his body and head.

Duarte is claiming he's permenently disabled ever since the attack, so he wants to be compensated.

Chris Brown's entourage has yet to make any comments over the lawsuit drama.

This story is still developing...

Source: TMZ