Usher's Son Hospitalized After Almost Fatal Pool Accident

On Monday afternoon around 6 PM, Usher Raymond's five-year-old son Usher Raymond V was playing with his aunt Rena Odin in his family's pool when his arm got stuck in the drain while trying to get a toy that got stuck in the filter.

According to his aunt, she and the maid both tried to immediately get his hand out but were unable to do so. Luckily, two men who were working in the house rushed to the scene and got Usher's son out from the pool successfully before he drowned. He was given CPR and immediately taken to the hospital to be treated for the large amount of water in his lungs.

Usher and his ex wife, Temeka Raymond, rushed to the scene ASAP to be by their son's side.

He is currently being treated in ICU but the doctors said after running various tests, it looks like he will be okay.

Source: NYDailyNews