Puff Puff Pass: Snoop Lion Wins Pound Of Ganja Off Mayweather Fight [PHOTOS]

After Floyd Mayweather gave his opponent Canelo Alverez that work in the ring, many people either lost or won money. Well, Snoop being Snoop beat some Mary Jane instead of $$ and he came out successful for the Mayweather win.

Snoop Lion came up a whole POUND of bud (usually costing about $4K) to add to his collection, and we have the photo evidence to prove it thanks to the Cali rapper's Instagram.

enter image description here

His caption read: "Thanks to the champ money may for winning me a pound from my mexican buddy Lui !! U r the pound for pound best! N I'm gonna smoke 2 dat !!! Hahahahahahahah."

C'mon Snoop, listen to 2 Chainz. The feds are probably watching!