The Game & Drake Help With Funeral Costs After 5 Kids Die In Ohio House-Fire [PHOTOS]

After a horrific fire broke out in Anna Angel's Ohio home, the woman lost her five young children and her 25-yearold boyfriend while she was working her shift at Burger King.

As absolutely horrible as the situation is, Drake and The Game linked up and decided to donate 10K each to cover funeral costs for the six victims. Aside from the 20K, the producers from The Game's reality TV show "Marrying The Game" also contributed another $2,500 to the burial funds.

The Game also recently donated thousands of dollars to a six-year-old's family after she was gunned down in front of her home in California.

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It is a wonderful thing when rappers put their money towards positive things. Drake and The Game deserve lots of props for this move!

Source: TMZ