Here's Some Helpful Tips About iOS 7 For iPhone Users! [VIDEO]

A lot of iPhone users with the 4/4s or lower have been experiencing their battery dying faster than ever after updating their phone's system to iOS7. Well, I have a few tips for you that could make your phone last longer!

Unlike the iOS 6 system where a user double taps the home button, press/holds app until the red minus button pops up to hit and kill the app, iOS 7 is completely different. With iOS 7, killing an app is apart of multitasking. You are still able to double tap the home button, but instead of holding the app to get the red minus button, you hold the app then swipe up to close out of them. This 'kills' the app from working in the background, which is what generally drains your battery life. You can throw up to 3 apps away at a time until you’ve ‘killed’ all the apps that you’d like to stop working in the background.

If this all seems like a bunch of technological mishmash, check out this video and hopefully it'll become more clear for you.

Another common issue when updating to the latest iOS system is that once a newer system comes out, the apps must also come out with new updates. Once they are updated to the newest iOS system, they are generally not available for the older versions of iOS anymore. Well for the first time ever, Apple changed up their way of doing things.

Almost all versions of the previous apps will be available for iOS 6, so basically you can keep iOS 6, and the app store will still offer you the latest iOS 6 version (6.1.4) of an app. Now those of you who didn't update your phones don't have to feel left out!

Source: IFWT