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Ryan Lewis, also known as the man behind the production for Macklemore took to Twitter on yesterday to reveal a cause near and dear to him. Lewis took to Twitter to inform the world that his mother, Julie Lewis is HIV-positive, and been living with the disease for over 30 years. Today, Julie and son shares her story with the world, and unveils the 30/30 Project, a nonprofit Ryan created with his mom and Macklemore to provide access to affordable healthcare worldwide.

In an interview that Julie and son Ryan set down for with CBS the brave mother sheds light on her story and how she came to be HIV positive. Julie Lewis contracted HIV back in 1984, and was given the expectation of having three to five years to live, tops. Julie contracted the deadly virus after she was given a blood transfusion, after losing a lot of blood during child birth. Thirty years later, Julie, Ryan, and Macklemore are giving back to a society that has been ravaged by the disease. In a excerpt from her interview she shares, "yes, I'm grateful I lived, but I want to do something to honor all those people we love dearly who died along the way".

The proceeds from the 30/30 project will go towards the initial goal of building a health center in the Neno District of Malawi, Africa, followed by three clinics in different cities in Kenya and a training center in Uganda, were the disease is highly prevalent. Donors who support the cause will receive gifts depending on how much they contribute; ranging from tees, tote bags, signed Macklemore & Ryan Lewis merch and concert tickets. To donate to the cause, visit here


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