Funkmaster Flex

It seems like everybody wants a piece of the Queens rapper of late, and make no mistake 'video model', Sally Ferreira intends to get hers paid in full. Last month, rapper 50 cent infamously put Ferreira on blast for unprofessionalism and being what he deemed as a 'thirsty video b****", after she supposedly posted photos of them and alluded to them being involved.

Welp looks like Sally took it to the streets….or more like the courtroom, because earlier this week the Yonkers native filed a petition to sue the rapper for…. hold up you ready? Ferreira is seeking $11 million in compensation to account for her character being defamed, being black-listed within the industry, and of course for the 'emotional' stress of it all. Now…. I know we're all probably thinking…..Even if Sally Ferreira lived a 11 life times, she probably wouldn't ever see a $11M. In walks 50, who actually gives Ferreira's claim and defense some validity. According to Ferreira's suit, she claimed the rapper made damaging remarks about her character to over 7 million followers, and ruined three separate projects do to his remarks.

What do you guys think? Is she looking for a quick come up, or did Fif take it too far?


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