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Wowzers! The public was just put on to a piece of blockbuster news! According to reports, Apple may be looking to acquire headphone heavyweight company, Beats By Dre, which would be the juggernaut's largest acquisition to date, with a staggering price tag of $3.2 billon dollars!

Does this mean Dr. Dre is moving up the ladder of that Forbes list released last month for highest paid entertainers? He may be soon giving Diddy a run for his money!

According to 9to5

"Apple is closing in on its largest ever acquisition with the planned $3.2bn purchase of Beats Electronics, the headphone maker and music streaming operator founded by music producer Jimmy Iovine and the hip-hop star Dr Dre. The deal could be announced as early as next week, people familiar with the negotiations said, but they cautioned that some details had yet to be agreed and talks could still fall apart."

With two innovative companies possibly joining forces, can you imagine how this will impact the way we experience music?? Stay tuned! Reports are saying that Apple is in search of more innovative brands they can potentially partner with!