Funkmaster Flex


Singer Chris Brown is tired of being on the receiving end of all these L's he's been taking of late. Now that the singer has been sentenced to spend 131 more days in county jail, Brown is getting his life in order, and apparently his first priority is to take leverage away from those that would hold his past transgressions permanently over his head, and try to benefit financially off it.

Well Brown and attorney sent a message loud and clear to Malcolm Ausbon, whom Brown counter sued after Ausbon initially sued him for $250K claiming that the R&B singer attacked him on a basketball playing court last July at gym in LA. Ausbon also claims that Brown is gang affiliated with the Bloods.

Brown and team aren't having it though. This week Brown counter sued claiming extortion, due to Ausbon making false claims, and trying to create more legal drama for Breezy for financial gain.

Get him Breezy. You think CB's legal woes will be behind him once he gets released?