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Looks like Forbes got a lot more trouble than they bargained for after author Hugh McIntyre made some pretty baseless statements about female rapper and newcomer Iggy Azalea running Hip Hop? Geesh where do these journalists and writers get their facts from? This is just as bad as a journalist making claims that "Tupac is back", indicating that it was in the the form of Aussie rapper Iggy as well!

In a post earlier this week, author caused a major uproar in the cyber world, when he titled an article, ”Hip Hop is Run By A White, Blonde Australian Woman.” Obviously the writer was looking to give Aussie born rapper her props with gaining growing popularity in a genre of music that is historically male dominated, however the title of the article is misleading and mildly offensive, so much that Forbes was forced to change article title.

While we see the author of article attempting to give Iggy her due props, due to the fact that Iggy's debut project, The New Classic, is the highest charting album by a female rapper since Nicki Minaj's 2010 Pink Friday release. However, that's not a difficult feat to accomplish when no one else in your lane currently. While it is a commendable accomplishment for Iggy, let's be real, Iggy has the buy in from a mainstream audience, which definitely gives the Aussie rapper a leg up. While we can appreciate the differences in music, as well as the diversification of Hip Hop.... Let's not get too ahead of ourselves, and throw titles and positions around so loosely.

It's definitely a new age within the rap and hip hop genre. Do you think Forbes was out of line for the title of article?

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