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Over the The Memorial Day Weekend, stars flooded the Las Vegas strip in droves. Celebs ranging P. Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Nelly, as well as T.I., Tiny, Floyd Mayweather and more.

Well of course the major news stemming from this weekend's Sin City excusrsion was the chair tossin', throw down that occurred when T.I, stepped to Mayweather inside a FatBurger regarding Tip's wife Tiny. The estranged couple T.I. and Tiny traveled to Vegas for the Memorial holiday weekend separately, the two have apparently been living separately as well. Things came to head when T.I.reportedly stepped to Mayweather inside a Fatburger Restaurant regarding hanging out with his wife while in Vegas after Tiny posted a photo of her and the champ's daughter on her IG. Some believe this was Tiny's way of subliminally letting her hubby know that she was in Vegas, and chilling with MayWeather's team. Well that's all it took to set T.I. off before approaching Mayweather in the Fatburger where witnesses say that T.I. began haggling Mayweather, telling him he needed to talk to the champ. Apparently annoyed with T.I.'s demands, the champ yelled, "control you your b*tch, motherfu***"! All hell broke loose, chairs got tossed, one person got injured in the scuffle, while security tried to diffuse the situation.

Well now that the smoke has cleared, and everyone has chimed in with their part of the story, here are the facts.

According to Floyd Mayweather in an exclusive interview with Necole Bitchie, this wasn't the first time T.I. had approached him regarding Tiny.

"T.I] came to me when I was in New York. He stepped to me when I was at the jewelry store like, “Yo, let’s go outside and talk.” We went outside to talk, but he talked about, basically, “These girls tryna play us against each other.” I said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re talking about your wife?” I never put up a picture of her on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I was basically like, “Listen. I’m letting you know I ain’t got…me and your wife don’t have nothing…if you think so."

The photo that started it all.....

enter image description here

Mayweather and T.I. spotted talking in NYC a couple of weeks back outside Mayweather's jeweler.

So Fatburger wasn't the first run in between Tip and Mayweather, so obviously Mayweather was quite irate when approached for a 2nd time, without Tip first addressing his wife Tiny, who he obviously is estranged from after photos surfaced of him and another woman in his home on Mother's Day. In interview Floyd maintained that he and Tiny were just cool, and that "she's cool people", and that he would never fool around with a married woman.

In the same interview he apologized for calling Tiny out her name

"Only person I wanna apologize towards is Tiny. I said something like “control your b-tch” and I don’t want to say that about Tiny. So I do apologize to Tiny because she cool people, man. She cool. She never been disrespectful to me."

Reports also swarmed the web that T.I. got two black eyes after the scuffle, which is why he was a no show at the club where he was suppose to perform shortly after the Fatburger confrontation. Well he took to to IG to dispel that myth.

enter image description here

As for the woman at the center of the controversy, Tiny had some choice words for a follower on Instagram, when they tried to blast her for kicking it with Floyd and being a married woman. Peep the 5 foot diva's angry responses below.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

I guess there is trouble in paradise. What do you guys make of all this? Who's to fault in this situation? Watch video of Fatburger blow up below. You be the judge.

Also, here's audio of Floyd apologizing to Tiny,and explaining where the root of the drama came from.


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