Funkmaster Flex

Now the issue of drug abuse and serious drug addiction is nothing to take lightly or play with. However, I'm sure that it doesn't come as a surprise for ANYONE that someone from the LHHATL cast is actually high off narcotics. I'm sure we've ALL watched the LHHATL franchise at some point and wondered, "hell, are they all high"? Well according to reports, we know of at least one cast member who is definitely not drug free.

Looks like hit maker Stevie J just can't seem to get right. Currently in the mist of a child support case against him where his freedom and finances are at high risk after reportedly owing $1 mil in back child support. The producer added more fuel to the fire , when he surrendered himself at a Manhattan court and then tested positive for both weed and cocaine. Damn homie. Luckily for him and unluckily for society, the judge allowed Stevie to post bail and be released. Of course moving forward, the judge will be subjecting ole' Steebie J to random drug test! SMH.

Does this come as a surprise to anyone? Isn't Stevie always geeked up? Shrugs.