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Wowzers. Things keep going from bad to worse for troubled comedian Katt Williams. According to reports the funny man was not joking around AT ALL late last night when he pulled a gun out on a man at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood.

According to reports a 911 emergency call was made after Williams brandished a gun on alleged person which resulted in six patrol cars arriving on the scene….heavily armed no less. I'm guessing they wanted to be prepared for all scenarios with the extra manpower on hand.

Supposedly Katt Williams pulled a gun on fellow comedian when he was not interested in being the butt of his joke.The question is, how can you be a comedian and crack jokes on people for a living, and not be able to take a joke?? Sound a bit farfetched? Well Katt has already came out denying claims saying the story was false, implying that a gang had actually rolled up on him, while he was weaponless and forced to defend himself. Hmmm… Are we buying this scenario either? Not likely…Either way Katt fled the scene, and an arrest warrant has not yet been issued. However the incident is currently under investigation. We'll just have to stay tuned and see how things unfold for ole Katt.

Watch video below of police arriving on the scene

Source: TMZ

I mean this is all alleged, so it may not be any truth to this, but then again Katt does have a tracklist...Thoughts?


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