Funkmaster Flex


Time are changing and evolving just like the way they always have...but the rapidly changing pace of new technology is changing the way consumers interact with our world, as well as the lifestyle choices we make on a daily, like never before. Case and point. Check out Russia's new commuter train and all the cool high tech amenities it offers.Imagine if we had something like this taking the place of the LIRR?

The futuristic tram features a sleek design,LED cabin lights, felt-covered sofas, wooden handrails, and sliding glass doors that operate by touchscreen! Plus an undeniable cool factor. Get this, the train also features music changing for your mood, based on the time of day. Not to mention GPS, air-conditioning, anti-bacterial hand rails, and WIFI! The driver even gets a USB 3.0 port that can charge a phone to full power. See sleek new tram here and all its cool amenities!

The new tram looks super cool, PLUS it has Wifi.We ready for an upgrade NYC?

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  1. johnnyj_0380 posted on 07/17/2014 05:06 AM
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