Gun Man In Queens Leaves G-Unit Affiliate, Mazaradi Fox, Dead And 3 Others Wounded

Today at 4:10pm on Farmers Blvd. and 133rd Ave, Mazaradi Fox was in a white SUV with 3 other people when a dark colored sedan(Hyundai) pulled up and let out an undisclosed amount of bullets on the white SUV. As the the bullets shredded the SUV, all 4 people were hit, the sedan pulled off and Fox got out and collapsed in by a nearby driveway, dead. The 3 survivors(2 22yr old males, a woman in her 20's) made it to the hospital, but 1 is in critical condition. Fox was not only a childhood friend of Fif, and was once known to be apart of G-Unit. He recently got out of prison on a Attempted Assault 2 year conviction. It's not yet know why the shooting happened. It's reported 50 heard the news and is saddened.