What The Game Will Be Missing: Is The Jordan Brand Shutting Down In 2015? MJ Addresses Rumor

I can already imagine the sheer terror being struck up in readers and sneaker fanatics everywhere at the thought of the beloved Jordan brand discontinuing. I'm sure riots and looting in the streets would ensue. Are we ready for possible life after Jordan?

Well according to reports, rumors began buzzing after Michael Jordan called 76ers point guard Tony Wroten to apologize after his shoes fell apart during a game against the Pacers. Reports speculate that Jordan is no longer happy with the quality of shoes that bears his namesake.

Michael Jordan’s Business Manager, Estee Portnoy, reported the following:

“There is absolutely no truth to this rumor claiming that Michael Jordan is parting ways with the Jordan Brand. Michael has made no such statements. He is – and will remain – fully committed to the Jordan Brand.”

Welp there you have it folks, disaster averted, there won't be need for riot in the streets!