Face Off: Lebron James Responds To Reports Of Michael Jordan Stare Down At Playoff Game Over The Weekend [Video]

The internet has been abuzz of the alleged stare down that took place between Lebron James and NBA icon, Michael Jordan over the weekend.

According to reports, during the Miami Heat and Charlotte Bobcats playoff game, James reportedly threw down an emphatic dunk in the third quarter of the game, and supposedly engaged Michael Jordan in a stare down, as though he were proving a point to the icon. However, before the story got too out of hand, James refuted the allegation with a simple response nipping the story in the bud before it spread like wild fire.

In a statement below made by James he emphatically suggests that the story is entirely false.

“No,” he said without hesitation. “Don’t start that. Absolutely not, man. Absolutely not. I was able to read (Josh) McRoberts, get a steal and push the lead back up. I absolutely didn’t look at M.J., for sure.”

Did you assume James was engaging MJ in a stare down while watching the playoffs over the weekend? Watch footage below.