United Front: The Carters Issue Statement On Family Drama... Meanwhile Beyonce Lasers Matching 'IV' Tattoo Off Ring Finger [PHOTOS]

Just can't shake the feeling that something's not quite clean in the milk. While the Carters and Knowles clan took the proper approach today, and finally issued a statement about the private altercation that took place in the Standard Hotel's elevator...you get the feeling that there are some deep seated issues that are not resolved at all.

A few weeks back, there was idle chat on the gossip blogs about Mrs. Carter being in the process of removing her and hubby's matching 'IV' tattoo. Well... photos surfaced of a ringless Beyonce with a barely there tattoo, and it seems as though Bey may be rethinking this whole concept of forever.... Maybe this is what happens when you're BFF's with couples who believe in a "conscious uncoupling"...coughs....Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Everything done in the dark always comes to light, so I'm sure everything will reveal itself in due time. It is our hope that the Carters will endure. We'll just have to stay tuned as the story unfolds.

What happened to "matching tats, don't come off even if rings come off, if things ring off". What do you make of this? Check Bey's barely there tattoo here, and see Wendy Williams discussing Bey's removed finger tat on video below at 8:12 marker.

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