Paid In Full Or Nah? Which Member Of Black Hollywood Is Filing For Bankruptcy? [PHOTOS]

Man that 'Chapter 7' ain't no joke for some of these entertainers struggling to maintain that lavish lifestyle, even when the checks stop rolling in. Looks like a another entertainer bites the dust, and is now in the process of filing for bankruptcy! Wamp wamp. Nobody believes in financial planners or mutual funds no more?

According to reports Paid In Full star Meki Phifer is having money woes. Damn Gina! Phifer is claiming that he has approximately $67K in assets, while his $1.3M debt drastically overshadows that meager amount. Meki's monthly income is reported $7,500 while his expenses are $11,600. Between what the star owes in child support, back taxes, and an assortment of other debt, one thing's clear. Meki's need to get back to those movie checks!

Why do think all these stars are having some many money management problems?!

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