Laying It On Thick? Singer Robin Thick Titles Upcoming Studio Album 'Paula'

This is a prime example of why when you have something good at home, don't eff it up, or else you too will be pulling out all the stops to be get back into an estranged wife's good graces. Looks like Robin Thicke is stopping at nothing to get his wifey back. The two high school sweethearts who were married for nine years and share a son, reportedly split after rumors of Thicke's infidelities ran rampant.

Well according to reports, Robin is preparing to do the ultimate to woo his lady back. Sources say Thicke is hard at work on upcoming seventh studio album , Paula which is slated for a July 1st release date, and was written and produced in entiterty by Thicke himself. Robin premiered the first single 'Get Her Back' at the Billboard Awards last month.

Will you be listening to Thicke's ode to 'Paula', or do you think he's taking it a bit too far?