"Life is Good" Official Summer Hit


     Last month marked the release of the most highly anticipated album of 2012, Nas Life is Good. God's son better known as Nas sits by himself, with a pensive expression on his face. The unusual pensive expression however, was not the focal point of the album cover. Instead it was the infamous green wedding dress worn by ex wife Kelis'. "She took her stuff out the house and left her green wedding dress, and that was all she left." (Nas, 2012, Behind the Music) 

     We've all had moments that changed some aspect of our lives forever. Moments that are capable of impacting who we are for better or worse. Luckily for Nas, that was a moment that impacted his life for the better. With that being said, fans that perceived Nas creative visual to correspond with what they would hear, were definitely in for a surprise. 

      Four years and ten albums later, the usual monosyllabic Nas delivered a cinematic soundtrack of personal events not only encountered as a husband, but also moments encountered as a father, and a redeemer.

      Truth be told, the lyricism and storytelling of Nas latest project, Life is Good,  not only echoes the old-school/classic Nas, but hands down it is the best project since Illmatic. In all, Nas painted a vivid picture that his "Life is Good" and 90's Hip Hop is back to blast through our speakers.

By: BrittanyNicole

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