While we won't get a chance to vote for another leader of ther Free World The 2017 election is less than 24 hours away - (and no, we’re not talking about a revote for the leader of the Free World). 

General elections are happening across the country tomorrow, and our eyes are focused on the candidates running for office in the great states of New York and New Jersey. 

New York’s Governor Cuomo is seat at the table is safe for another year, but the are quite a few high-ranking government jobs up for grabs including Bill DeBlasio’s seat as mayor.

If we want don't want to wake up to another November 2016 scenario, then we must GET OUT AND VOTE!

Below is a list of positions open in the New York election, the candidates, and their agendas. The are 51 council seats open, with eight currently unfilled. 


Bill de Blasio* (Democratic/Working Families)

Nicole Malliotakis (Republican/Conservative/Stop de Blasio)

Akeem Browder (Green)

Sal F. Albanese (Reform)

Bo Dietl (Dump the Mayor)

Micahel Tokin (Smart Cities

Public Advocate

Letitia James (Democratic/Working Families)

Juan Carlos Polanco (Republican/Reform/Stop de Blasio)

Michael A. O’Reilly (Conservative)

James C. Lane (Green)

Devin Balkind (Libertarian)


Scott M. Stringer (Democratic/Working Families)

Michael J. Faulkner (Republican/Conservative/Reform/Stop de Blasio)

Julia A. Willebrand (Green)

Alex Merced (Libertarian)

The race for a new governor of New Jersey is on – and eyes across the country are watching. Below is a list of Garden State the biggest candidates and their potential office.


Phil Murphy (Democratic)

Kim Guadagno (Republican)

Peter Rohrman (Libertarian)

Seth Kaper-Dale (Green)

Matt Riccardi (Constitution)

Gina Genovese (Independent)

Vincent Ross (Independent)

Lt. Governor

Shelia Oliver (Democratic)

Carlos Rendo (Republican)

Karese Laguerre (Libertarian)

Lisa Durden (Green)

Derel Stroud (Independent)

April Johnson (Independent)

If we've learned nothing else about elections this year, we know we've learned one thing: every vote counts. 

Please click here for general information and information on where to vote in New York and New Jersey.

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