Hot Health - Stay Hydrated!

With unpredictable weather you never know when its going to be hot or cold. When working out, especially when the temperature heats up, medical doctors say to make sure that you watch out for the these signs of dehydration:

Headache Dark yellow, strong smelling urine Low blood pressure and increased heart rate Thirst Dry lips and dry mouth Dizziness and fainting Other signs may include crankiness and feeling tired. So how can you avoid dehydration when being exposed to heat? While the amount of water that a person needs can vary, you can stay hydrated by drinking water and other low sugar fluids. The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene recommends to drink water instead of sugary drinks when thirsty; limiting soda, sports and energy drinks; and avoiding drinks with alcohol and caffeine.

Research shows that drinking fluids can control your body temperature and also lower your risk of heat illness. You can also eat your fluids by eating fresh watermelon, romaine lettuce, and having other fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Athletes and those just trying to work it out, remember to have your fluids before, during, and even after exercise, when necessary. Finding it hard to drink water or have fluids throughout the day? Have water bottles ready to take on the go or keep a reusable bottle at home or at work that you can always fill up. Always talk to your doctor about how to increase the amount of water you drink especially if you are on a fluid restricted diet or have certain health issues. But check your thirst and during this heat stay hydrated as much as you can.

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