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A healthy mind means a healthy body!

Money, school, work, relationships, family and dealing with issues in life daily can really take a toll on your mind, leaving your body feeling tired and sometimes ill. When life is overwhelming for you what do you do or what can you do? Check out these wellness tips that may help when life is pain and you are feeling drained.

Start your day with five minutes to yourself. Before you wake up the kids or before you head out the door to start your day, take five minutes to breath, relax, meditate or just spend some quiet time alone. Allow yourself to get your thoughts together to help you run the day before the day runs you.

Do something that you like doing. Maybe it’s reading your favorite magazine or book, or getting your nails done or playing ball with the fellas. Take time to do the things that you enjoy to help relieve the burden of things that make you feel stressed.

Let your thoughts out. Sometimes you just need to let it out and sometimes all it takes is writing your thoughts down in a private journal.

Do not sign up for more than you can handle. If you cannot handle a huge course load then do not sign up for too many classes at school. Also, do not volunteer for things that you do not have time for. Learn to prioritize your life, stay organized, and keep things under control.

Listen to music. Whether it soothing music or turning on your favorite radio station, listening to music can help to keep your mind at ease.

Exercise! Exercise is an important tool to help you to stay healthy, relieve your stress and keep going. Take a daily walk or run; or maybe check out your local yoga or Pilates class to help stretch your body and relax; or stay energized with a cardio class or dance session. In New York, Body by Denise ( is a class that incorporates both yoga, a relaxing warm up and energizing cardio for men and women. Black Girls Run ( provides group runs for women across the tri-state area and across the country. Just remember to consult with your physician before you start any exercise program.

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