K. Michelle's Trip to NYC [VIDEO]

K. Michelle has launched her own web series called "A Day in the Life". In the first webisode, K. Michelle takes us with her on her journey to New York City. We see her preparing for her new album during meetings with her label, Atlantic Records, and her management company, MBK Entertainment. We also get a sneak peek of K. Michelle in the studio. She shows us her personal side when interacting with one of her fans on a phone call.

When asked about why she chose to name her project “Rebellious Soul”, K. gives us a heartfelt answer. “It’s just me. I rebel. I’m a firecracker, I do what I want to do. My music is like that as well,” she says. “I rebel against things society tries to use to keep us in a box. Rebel against racism, rebel against judgement. Anything that makes you feel inferior as a woman.”

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