Hotstyle Summer Slimdown Weight Loss Challenge - Switch up your routine

So we started in April and now its time to switch up your routine to help you get to your weight loss and fitness goals. If you are just now starting a program, its still time to drop your weight before summer officially begins.

As a rule of thumb, its generally good to change your exercise routine every three to four weeks. Changing doesn't necessarily mean doing something entirely different, you can add number of days to your workout routine (if you are working out three times a week perhaps add a fourth day). You can increase the minutes to your workout (if doing 30 minute workouts perhaps change it to 40 or 45 minutes) and you can add the amount of crunches or push ups that you are doing or add more sets of reps to your weight/strength training routine.

I've been losing my weight but I will be starting an intense boot camp challenge workout class in NYC to change up my workout and help to get to my goal. Are you finding it hard to get out of the house to get your workout on? Sites likes and offers workouts that you can do at home and change up when you need to. Below is a workout that you can also try at home along with your other workout routine(s). If its not challenging enough for you then start with more reps and increase each day.

enter image description here

Stay tuned for details about my progress and my end result.

*Note: Always consult with a physician before starting or changing any exercise routine.

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